Process startup

Under some environments (e.g. Jupyter) it may happen, that the processes have not started completely before the clock runs. In such cases it may help to put a little sleep, e.g. sleep!(0.1) between process!(…) and run!(…) to ensure that all started processes have enqueued for clock events.

A SimProcess fails

If c is your clock, you get the list of all running processes with c.processes. You then look at the failed process with c.processes[id].task. This gives you the stack trace of the failed process, e.g.

julia> 𝐶.processes
Dict{Any,SimProcess} with 2 entries:
  2 => SimProcess(2, Task (failed) @0x000000010e467850, Idle(), clerk, Channel{…
  1 => SimProcess(1, Task (failed) @0x000000010e467cd0, Idle(), people, Channel…
julia> 𝐶.processes[1].task
Task (failed) @0x000000010e467cd0
MethodError: no method matching round(::Float64, ::Int64)


Otherwise please report your problem and open an issue or commit your solution to the repo.