This is the companion site to DiscreteEvents.jl. It is a documentation in development, still not and possibly never perfect.

Quick Intro

With DiscreteEvents you can schedule and run Julia functions and expressions as events on a timeline represented by a clock:

using DiscreteEvents, Distributions, Random


chit() = print(".")
chat() = print(":")

c = Clock()
event!(c, chit, every, Exponential(), n=8)
event!(c, chat, every, Exponential(), n=8)
event!(c, println, after, 10)

Now this gives us two independent Poisson processes chitting and chatting on the console:

julia> run!(c, 10)
"run! finished with 17 clock events, 0 sample steps, simulation time: 10.0"

Author: Paul Bayer License: MIT